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Autumn Rat Stickers | Set Of 6 Pet Rat Stickers

Autumn Rat Stickers | Set Of 6 Pet Rat Stickers

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A cute pack of 6 autumnal themed rat stickers.

This fun pack of rat stickers feature 6 original autumnal themed rat illustrations including 3 autumn rats playing in leaves and with pumpkins and 3 magical halloween themed rats playing with magic and broomsticks.

These stickers would make a great gift for any rat loving person or make a great addition to any ratty stationery collection.

This set of 6 rat stickers are based on 6 original digital sketches by the artist. You can also find them as art prints in the shop now.

The pack of 6 rat stickers are printed on to glossy sticker paper. Please note these are NOT vinyl stickers and are not waterproof. Please only use these stickers inside and avoid getting them wet or the ink will bleed.

Autumn rat stickers are handmade by the artist in her home studio. Each sticker is cut out by hand before being packaged and sent to their new homes. October rat stickers measure between 8 x 5cm. These sizes vary between designs.

These stickers are a fantastic way to decorate notebooks, planners, or anything else that needs a happy October rat sticker added to it. 

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